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Special engineering plastics application field is gradually expanding

2019/01/05 17:22
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At present, the application of many special engineering plastics is no longer limited to aerospace military, but is popularized in the civilian sector, such as electronic products, packaging materials, automobiles and other fields. 
At present, the application of many special engineering plastics is no longer limited to aerospace military, but is popularized in the civilian sector, such as electronic products, packaging materials, automobiles and other fields. Special engineering plastics have unique and excellent physical properties. With the miniaturization of electronic components, special engineering plastics such as PPA, PA6T, and LCP are increasingly used.
At CHINAPLAS 2016, we can see that new special engineering plastic products have entered the homes of ordinary people and dressed up in people's good lives. The trend toward continued miniaturization of high-end consumer electronics products requires thinner products without sacrificing safety, strength and appearance, thus providing better electrical performance, halogen-free fire protection characteristics and meeting customer requirements for environmental protection. The focus of attention in the plastics field.
Solvay Global's Technyl range of halogen-free flame retardant polyamides have good electrical, processing, mechanical and flame retardant properties. The material can be used in household appliances such as mixers, washing machines, or in industrial equipment. Use, such as connectors, contactors, circuit breakers, switches, etc. On the booth of Walter's new materials, many electronic devices for mobile phones and computers were displayed. According to Dr. Zhang Liang of Water New Materials, these electronic devices are processed from the Section series of liquid crystal polymer materials (LCP) products.
This series of materials has high fluidity, high heat resistance, dimensional stability, low coefficient of thermal expansion, flame retardancy and chemical resistance. It can be used as a thin wall and lightweight material. Moreover, the material has excellent heat resistance and heat resistance. The temperature is above 270 °C, the highest heat-resistant temperature can reach 340 °C ~ 350 °C, so it is used in many precision electronic devices, such as CPU, memory, mobile phone SIM card and other precision components slots and interfaces.
In the future, through further modification, LCP materials can also be applied to products with higher temperatures such as LED reflectors and automotive ignition coils.
Special engineering plastics application field is gradually expandingSpecial engineering plastics application field is gradually expandingSpecial engineering plastics application field is gradually expanding