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Foshan Nanhai JOLINK Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly: Foshan Nanhai Zhonglian Color Masterbatch Co., Ltd.) was established in 1995, is located in the River Delta hinterland of Guangdong, covers an area of 75000 square meters, Guangdong the first set research and development, production, sales of plastic color masterbatch in one of one of the manufacturers, is China's Masterbatch Association member units. Company specializing in the production of black masterbatch, White Masterbatch, color masterbatch, functional masterbatch, filling masterbatch, polyethylene wax products, annual output of more than 40000 tons, the production in Southeast Asia in the largest and most complete variety, the most stable quality, credibility and reputation higher large private enterprises, products are sold throughout the country and exported to various countries and regions of the country.


Company has to "people-oriented, virtue, treat people with sincerity, to the letter management" business philosophy, and "high starting point, high standard, zero defect" quality policy and the customer forever is responsible for the service tenet, customer oriented, future oriented. At present, the company has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification, all products are through the EU ROHS environmental certification.



At present, the company has a group of professional engaged in polymer research plastic masterbatch of scientific research personnel, the introduction of Europe and the United States and Japan advanced production equipment, to ensure that the product non-toxic environmental protection, heat resistance, resistance to moving, high stability, low heavy metal content and high quality products, widely used in PE, PP, PS, hips, ankylosing spondylitis (as), ABS, PVC, PC and plastic products color, suitable for all kinds of plastic injection molding, blown film, calendering, blow molding, sheet, granulation, wire, cable, cable sheathing a variety of plastic molding process.




The company to make "customers, employees and enterprises" win-win, create social value of green!

Quality policy

Scientific management for efficiency, full participation in a quality 

Management policy

Build high quality products, excellent service.

All union spirit

Integrity, innovation, excellence, harmony 

Union mission

To provide high-quality natural color masterbatch for human life; to benefit the deep Deese educating people

Recent target

Use and cultural achievements of China's first brand of plastic masterbatch

Product positioning

To create the best value for customers and users




Achievement customers "inside and outside" customers enjoy, with the situation for the customer and the customer's satisfaction and success! Staff for the "up and down" team dedicated, hard to let employees grow together with the company, to be proud of the enterprise! Implementation of efficient knowledge and execution of the best effort to build a high quality, efficient team Honesty "honesty" sincere as, with sincere person to work, commitment, pragmatic!

Brand Cove Values