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Fresh yellow masterbatch Y3206

The advantages of the joint color masterbatch: high concentration of color materials.
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The advantages of the unit color masterbatch:

High concentration colorant.
It has strong coloring power, excellent dispersibility, heat resistance and color fastness, stable performance, good brightness and bright colors.
The product is non-toxic and environmentally friendly and meets the environmental requirements of ROHs.
Can be applied to a variety of different materials, such as PE / HDPE / LDPE / PP / ABS / AS / PS / HIPS / PVC / EVA / TPR / UPVC.
Wide range of uses: blow molding, blown film, injection molding, extrusion, spinning dyeing, wire sheathing and other process applications.
Industrial applications: office automation, household appliances, film, packaging materials, brushed textiles, boards / sheets, pipes, medical supplies, toys, etc.
Product model: W9211
Carrier: PE
Toner content: 12
Density: 1.93
Melting index g/10min (2.16kg fama): 16
Moisture content: ≤0.2%
Color tone level: 4-5
Processing temperature: 130-250
Melting point: 125
Applicable materials: plastic
Process use: blow molding, injection molding, extrusion sheet
Appearance: cylindrical particles, uniform size, consistent color
Quality assurance, RoHS compliance
Special white masterbatchSpecial white masterbatchSpecial white masterbatch
The factory area of ​​the Union Factory: 75,000 square meters
Monthly production: 5,000 tons
Delivery method: door-to-door / delivery / logistics / express / shipping
Currency: RMB
Payment method: cash settlement / remittance
The nearest port of the sea: Guangzhou or Foshan
Business Language: Cantonese / Mandarin / English
Packing of goods: 25 kg / bag, packed in paper or plastic bags
Stocking date: 7 days
Contact us: 0757-81186906 (Working hours Monday to Sunday 8:00-12:00, 13:30-17:30)
Qilian masterbatch brand
Allianz has been committed to the development of color masterbatches for a variety of applications to meet the needs of customers in different industries and applications. The products under the brand are all famous for their high quality, reliability and stability. They are the first choice for customers at home and abroad. All of them will continue to improve and develop products to meet the needs of the development of global plastics companies.
Related product performance
All the black color masterbatch products provide customers with a variety of uses and performance. Among these performances, color, toner content, carrier, etc. are the focus of most customers. If you want to know more, please call our customer service, we will recommend the most suitable products according to your needs.